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Where there is uncertainty in relation to whether or not withholding for tax or social security is required in a jurisdiction, the website adopts a cautious view and says that withholding is required.

The exact structure of an award is crucial to the way that award is taxed. The tax treatment can be affected by many factors. For example, if beneficial ownership does not transfer to the participant until a vesting date sometime in the future, tax is usually deferred until that future date. On the other hand, if beneficial ownership transfers at the time of award tax is often due at the start. However, this clear distinction between ownership passing at the start and at the end can become blurred by several factors, including a restriction on the ability to sell the shares and by clawback. If the shares are in some way restricted - in that they cannot be freely sold - then sometimes the tax is reduced or deferred to reflect that restriction. If the awards are subject to clawback then, depending on the terms of that clawback, this may be seen as a forfeiture provision which may reduce or defer the tax until the clawback period falls away. Companies have subtly different clawback terms and may impose subtly different restrictions on shares. It is important, therefore, that, if companies want detailed and specific tax advice for their plans, then local counsel needs to be instructed about the detail of how the specific plans work. The database can only give generalised tax advice.

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